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Waing Kong Ho began his career in the gem trade in Burma. However, in 1964 when the country was being nationalized, he moved his family to Thailand with only $30 in his pocket. Ho's honesty and modesty was appreciated by buyers and sellers alike, and his name soon became well known throughout the international gem and jewelry community.

Ho was one of the true pioneers of the Thai gemstone industry and is recognized for bringing modernity and growth to a country that was fast becoming the "Gemstone Capital of the World." His vision brought forth the founding of AIGS 45 years ago. Waing Kong Ho is also credited for building Asia's largest gems and jewelry marketplace, the Jewelry Trade Center(JTC).

Ho's success is attributed to his sacrifices, dedication and a relentless commitment to sharing his knowledge to help others. Waing Kong Ho's spirit lives in our hearts as we express our sincere gratitude for all that he accomplished during his life.


Jeff Wildman and AIGS Chairman Emeritus Henry Ho invented the “Porta-Lab” laboratory.


The 4th floor of the Rama Jewelry was AIGS first office location for conducting the gem training courses and gem testing services.

Gemologists utilize the Raman Spectrophotometer and set the bar for others to follow.

AIGS was the first laboratory in the world to purchase a Raman spectrophotometer for gemstone reports.

AIGS graduation party. Front row from left; Robert Weiser. Waing Kong Ho, Mr. Ma, Rechard Brown, Anand Salwala, Henry Ho and halpin Ho.

AIGS established in Rama Jewelry Building.


Mogok Visit
AIGS's the first foreign-based laboratory team to enter the Mogok gemstone tract.

From left: Dr. Edward Gubelin, Alan Jobbins (Gem-A), hill tribe lady, Mogok miner, Henry Ho, Burma Gem Emporium Director.

AIGS founder Waing Kong Ho headed up a group con sisting of Dr. Edward Gublin, Alan Jobbins, Ken Scarrett and Dr. Adolf Peretti in Mogok.

Waing Kong Ho leads AIGS to visit Vietnam's Luc Yen mines together with Dr. Edward Gubelin, Alan Jobbins, Ken Scarett and Adi Peretti.

Vietnam Visit
The first Asia-based laboratory to visit Vietnam's Luc Yen ruby mines.



Police General Pao Sarasin and Samrit Chirathivat, Chairman of Central Group of Companies, W.K. Ho, Chairman of the Ho Group of Companies laid the foundation stone at the Jewelry Trade Center on Silom Road, Bangkok, Thailand.


60 stones, serialized and lasered with Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's name were exmined and reported by AIGS Lab.

AIGS diamond reports were issued for the Queen Sirikit Diamond collection.

The HRH Princess Chulabhorn admires the 60 facet Queen Sirikit Cut Diamonds at the Sala Saha Thai Palace.

The Queen's Brilliant Cut has also received a patent and has been named in honor of Her Majesty as the Queen Sirikit Brilliant Diamond.


Henry Ho, Alan Lam and diamond expert cutter Henry Grossbard meet with Head of the Mineral Resources and Mining Ministry.

Sierra Leone Visit AIGS led an exploratory trip to Sierra Leone to investigate and examine samples from the diamond deposits.

Waing Kong Ho and Alan Lam visit the Mineralogical and Gemological Association of China (now National Gemstone Testing Center - NGTC) and was hosted by Zhang Pei Li, NGTC Chair lady.

China Visit


Seminar Series organized by AIGS

Dr. Edward Gubelin presents a talk on "Inclusions in Gemstones" organized jointly by AIGS and Chulalongkorn University (1994).

Seen here are the principals of the HRD, AIGS and The Belgian Embassy, Thailand together in a press conference to announce the cooperation between the two loading institutes in the training of grading diamonds based on the European standards.

The opening of the Asian Diamond Office with AIGS to offer diamond grading program in Thailand by HRD, Belgium leading gemological institute and laboratory.


Seminar Series organized by AIGS

Seminar Series organized by AIGS

AIGS hosted the 1st International Gemological Conference in Thailand. Over 140 participants from 33 countries have attended.

Host the International Gemological Conference (IGC). Over 140 participants from 33 countries attended.


AIGS issues a comprehensive gemological report on the Golden Jubilee Diamond weighing at 545 carats. the world's largest faceted diamond.

The Golden Jubilee Diamond was christened by HM King Bhumibhol on the occasion of his Majesty's 50th Anniversary accession to the throne.

Henry Ho is granted an audience with Pope St.John Paul II to receive blessings for the "Golden Jubilee Diamond" and prayers for Thailand King Bhumibol's full recovery in health.

Jewelry Trade Center Grand Openning Ceremony
Asia's largest gems and jewelry marketplace, the Jewelry Trade Center (JTC). This multi-purpose building is comprised of 180,000 square meters of office, retail and residential space, situated on 59 floors. Now, twenty years after opening, the JTC continues as one of the world's most prominent gemstone and jewelry trading hubs.

Suthichart Chirathivat (Central Department Store), Vichai Maleenond (Chairman of Channel 3), General Prem Tinsulanon (President of Privy Council), W.K. Ho (Chairman of Ho Group)

AIGS school and lab are currently located on the 48th floor and B1 floor respectively at the prestigious Jewelry Trade Center at 919 Silom Road.


Issued diamond reports for the King Bhumipol Diamond collection.

D flawless round brilliant HM King's Cut diamonds were graded by AIGS Lab before setting into the all hand made Swiss watch brand Sarcar.


AIGS Lab was among the first to detect sapphire diffusion treatments for corundums. Coloration "entered" the surface of the gems and a dialogue was initiated to classify this new treatment among major labs around the world.


AIGS Lab was the first to report and to inform the trade warning all to be aware of the glass filling treatment in low quality rubies "transforming" them into "fine" quality ones.


In 2005, AIGS and Gubelin Lab Switzerland conducted a joint research project to collect scientific data of gem samples from different localities of the world. The gemstone database would become one of the most important to determine "country of origin"


The pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) signed an MoU with the Bangkok-based Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) . by PIFD's Vice Chancellor Hina Tayyaba, on the AIGS side, General Manager Ms. Benyaphat Chatchonbut establishing a formal collaborative framework.

PIFD Sings MoU with AIGS


Gem Dictionary
AIGS launched the Gem Dictionary App with translation of gemological terms from English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

Kennedy Ho, Chairman of AIGS and Benyapat Chatchonbut, General Manager of the Ho Group visits with Mr. Bi Lijun, Director of the National Gemological Testing Center, China and Dr. Lu, Director of NGTC Lab and representatives.

AIGS visit NGTC.


Started cooperating with Chinese gemological universities

  • Shanghai Jianqiao College
  • China University of Geosciences, Wuhan
  • Tongji University Zhejiang College

Singing Coopration agreement between AIGS and Jianqiao University,

AIGS Chairman Kennedy Ho and Mr.Chen Xiaolong, Dean of Tongji University Zhejiang college signs a Memorandum of Understanding for Research, Education and Training Cooperation.

AIGS Chairman Kennedy Ho and Mr.Yang Mingxing, Dean of China University of Geosciences, Wuhan signs a Memorandum of Understanding for Student Exchange Program and Gemological Collaboration Projects.


World Ruby Forum
The Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, the Gemological Institute of Thailand, the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences and the French Gemological Association joins together in an opening ceremony of the World's Most Beautiful Ruby contest 2017.

Admiring the "World's Most Beautiful Ruby Exhibition" from left are Wisut Ittipornvanich, Didier Giard, President of the French Gemological Association, Apiradi Tantraporn, Minister the Ministry of Commerce, Henry Ho Chairman Emeritus of AIGS and Santpal Sinchawla , Director of the International Colored Stones Association.

The World's Most Beautiful Ruby Contest 2017 with winning pieces displayed at the September Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair.

"The Ruby Heart of Love" donations for the Thai Medical Device Development Foundation (TMDD) Under Royal Patronage of King Rama IX.



AIGS publishes the book “MOGOK, The Valley of Precious Stones.” The book was produced by a “dream team” of renowned gemmologists including Dr. Emmanuel Fritsch, Franck Notari, Dr. Thomas Hainschwang, Candice Caplan and respected reporter/photographer Jean-Baptiste Rabouan. “We conducted five expeditions of unprecedented scale and scope, enabling us to travel through the entire valley, visiting normally inaccessible mines, and collecting precious samples,” said Executive Editor Kennedy Ho, Chairman of AIGS. Experts, teachers and students of gemmology will find in this work previously unavailable, often surprising, yet highly precise information on the incredible ‘natural gemstone factory’ that is the Mogok Valley.


Thailand is the first country to host the ICA Congress for the third time - in 1987, 2005 and in 2019. The 2019 Congress saw its largest ever turnout with a total of 370 delegates from 26 countries including the world’s leading gemologists, miners, retailers, gem dealers and jewellery designers

AIGS Chairman Emeritus Henry Ho is honored with the ICA Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing members who have made outstanding contributions to ICA and the gemstone industry at large

AIGS launches the AIGS App to securely verify our gemstone reports and protect clients against counterfeit reports. Clients can check if an AIGS report is genuine by scanning the report with our app, by using the report verification function on our website or by enquiring via email and sending a photo of the report to


AIGS is proud to present the world’s first Augmented Reality (AR) technology on a gemstone report. While traditional gemstone reports are primarily text and images, our valued customers can obtain virtual insights and gain a deeper understanding of each precious gem through AR. Launch the AIGS App and scan the AR code to discover more.



AIGS Lab opens its first branches in China, first in Shanghai and subsequently in Shenzhen



AIGS signs a cooperation agreement with China’s National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC). The collaboration will help promote the integration process of Asia-Pacific jewelry standards under the AGA (Asia-Pacific Gemstone and Technology Standardization Alliance). The signing ceremony was attended by Ye Zhibin, NGTC Director, Ke Jie, NGTC Deputy Director, Lu Taijin, NGTC Chief Scientist, Kenedy Ho, AIGS Chairman, Henry Ho, AIGS Honorary Chairman and Gloria Chen, AIGS China General Manager



Created for the convenience of our customers in mind, our e-report is a compact, easy to carry QR code that eliminates the need for a traditional paper report. Scanning the QR code with the AIGS App brings up details of the relevant gemstone report in digital version, all from the convenience of your phone. Moreover, stones that are 1.00 carat and above include a 360 degree video viewable in the AIGS App