Celebrating 45 Years of Gemological Excellence

The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) was founded in 1978 as one of Asia’s first international gemological institutes. AIGS provides professional training for those looking to expand their opportunities within the gems and jewelry industry as well as increase the general public’s knowledge and appreciation of gemstones. Today, AIGS is recognized as a center of gemological excellence where many students around the world come together to learn and forge relationships that last throughout their careers and beyond.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, “The Gem Capital of the World”

AIGS is based in the heart of Bangkok’s jewelry district at the Jewelry Trade Center. Students benefit not only from a world class education in the classroom, but priceless hands-on experience. Whether it’s mining rough gems at Phrae or Kanchanaburi, processing material in Chanthaburi or Bangkok, every facet of the gems and jewelry industry can be encountered within Thailand’s borders. AIGS students not only learn about gemstone mining, processing, identification, grading and pricing in the classroom, but are also provided with opportunities to travel and observe these elements first-hand in locations like Mogok, Colombo and Yangon.

Your Future in Gemology Starts Here

The study of gemology is a fascinating undertaking that is ever-changing and challenging, but never tedious. Gemology combines elements of science, business, art, history and travel. Few professions can bring together such a broad and diverse range of fields. At AIGS, gemology is a passion that we are always happy to share with our students. If you have an interest in gemstones, whether it’s to develop your career in the industry or simply as a hobby, do contact us today. We’re honored to provide you a gateway into the exciting world of gemstones!

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