Guido Traverso Guicciardi (Italy)

Guido Traverso Guicciardi, an Italian national with a degree in Economics and Finance, has a long-standing background in business advisory. He has been primarily involved in the Hard Luxury sector, assisting jewelry and watch brands in product design, packaging, visual merchandising, and store architecture. Throughout his career, Guido has had the opportunity to work with color gemstones and diamonds, which piqued his curiosity and interest in gemstones.


Due to his work experience, Guido had always desired to learn more about gems and enrolled in a gemmology school. He believes that understanding gems would be an asset to his business and would help him provide better advice to his clients.

Guido eventually decided to attend the A.G. course at AIGS in 2022, it turned out as one of his rewarding, challenging and unforgettable experiences. He remarks “I am so happy and satisfied with my choice to go and study at AIGS in Bangkok. The A.G. Course is very condensed (14 weeks only) so you realize immediately you can’t take it lightly, you have to set your gear at top-speed, you must absorb all in the given timeframe."

After completing the course at AIGS, Guido recognizes AIGS as a good gemmology education institution due to its top-class faculty, limited classroom sizes with a good amalgamation, market focus, and optimal timeframe.

Currently, Guido continues to work as a freelance business advisor for jewelry brands, focusing on project planning, management, and jewelry design. His extensive knowledge of gemstones and their properties helps him provide valuable insights to his clients. Additionally, Guido is an avid collector and advisor of vintage and estate jewelry, which underscores the importance of understanding gems in his line of work.